Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s) about Office chairs Manufacturing & Repairing

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1. What are office chairs?

The office chair is a chair designed to be used mostly in office. They are a swivel chair, made with wheels for mobility and adjustment of the height that make them comfortable.

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2. What makes the office chair so unique?

An Office chair is made of various materials from high quality, well designed and tested quality. The most famous office chair is an ergonomic office chair. This prevents long-term injury from the back during sitting. All these materials are of high and durable quality for making these office chairs.

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3. What are the key points that an office chair should have?

Here are some Key points (Adjustments) an office chair should have.
• Proper Back & Lumbar Support
• Pneumatic Hydraulic Class 3 for seat height adjustment.
• Adjustable arms
• Adjustable Handle
• Adjustable tilt tension control
• PU Moulded Seat
• Nylon Castor

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4. What do I need to know when deciding to buy an office chair?

It is important to check what your targeted office chair is made from. It must be able to absorb your comfort for long a period. Poor quality of office chair is very harmful to the back and spine. The price of the product is also a consideration. An excellent product cost, time and money to research and this is often reflected in its price.

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5. What Are The Types Of Office Chairs?

You can find office chairs in almost all offices around the world. These are very common and represent a standard feature for decorating offices, especially office with a computer. They can also be customized in several ways to fit the body size of the user.

Executive high back chair: Most executive office chairs have high head restraints, As a standard chair, the executive office chair are easily adjusted in several ways, especially the height of the office chair. It can rotate, allowing the user freedom of movement, and also, it can also be adjusted to a prone position suitable for short naps. Mesh & Cushion Chairs are available in this segment.

Computer workstation chairs: These Computer chairs usually have adjustable seats, seat backrests and equipped with upholstered seats. They also have wheels and rotating function for greater mobility. The computer chairs are designed to reduce stress on your back and neck, usually body parts that are stressed after work on your computer. Mesh & Cushion Chairs are available in this segment.

Ergonomic office chair: They also reduce stress on the nerves, muscles, and joints of the body, which is common place with office workers around the world. Ergonomic armchairs relax muscles and prevent back pain. It is also coated in high quality and has adjustable armrests, head restraints, and head restraints. Many experts say that for an employee working for more than four hours a day, he/she must have an Ergonomic office chair. These are especially the Mesh (Net) Chairs & these are ventilation chairs, very good in comfort. In some of the models, the Cushion Chairs are also available in this segment.

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6. What are the benefits of office chairs over other wood or fix chairs?

Firstly, it’s comfort. The office chair is made to be used for extended sessions. Many office chairs are usually designed to fit into the office environment and are very friendly to your back when you sit on it. Office chairs are made of soft material that does not fall so easily so that you can spend hours sitting on it daily.

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7. Am I too big for an office chair?

Office chairs are designed not only for the average people but also for big people. If you think you are too big, you should check out the manufacturer’s website to find out the best office chair suited for you. Also, you can call us to have customised chairs made as per your requirements.

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8. How can I know if an office chair is ergonomic?

The height of the office chair should be easily adjustable. The best way to know is through using a pneumatic adjustment lever. The chair will be adjusted until sitter has his/ her feet flat on the floor.

The armrest should be adjustable. They should allow the sitter’s elbows and lower arms to rest lightly and at the same time leave his/ her shoulders relaxed.

The office chair should be stable on wheels. A good ergonomic office chair should easily rotate, therefore giving the user freedom to move without straining.

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9. What is the ergonomic office chair?

The most ergonomic chair with lumbar support, armrests, height adjustment and padded seat, will provide you with all the comfort you need. You will get all this support and comfort with ergonomic chairs. These are especially the Mesh (Net) Chairs & these are ventilation chairs, very good in comfort. In some of the models, the Cushion Chairs are also available in this segment.

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10. what‘s the height from floor to the chair And the height of the back?

Fully raised, the office chair is about 1.18 m (about 46.5 inches) from floor to top of the head restraint. When fully lifted, the seat is measured 56 cm or 22 “, which can obviously be lowered by the height adjustment piston, so the seat height is about 62 cm (just over 2 feet) from the seat.

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11. Can the head and neck support by the top of the chair or are they not high enough for that?

Yes, unless you are exceptionally tall. You can get the chair for yourself. The high back will completely support your head and neck, and you will see that the chair is very comfortable for long periods when working.

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12. Does the back of the office chair tilt forward and backward?

Yes, the back of the office chairs tilt, supports the back at the base of your back, and are very comfortable chair in many opinions.

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13. How low does the office chair go?

Top of the seat at lowest possible adjustment is 16 and three-quarter inches or 425mils, but it is approximately 425mils from the sit to the floor.

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14. Can the arms of this office chair be left off entirely when we’re putting it together or will that affect the strength of the chair?

They are part of the office chair and leaving them off could have an impact on the integrity and overall stability of the seating element.

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15. Can I remove the armrests of an office chair?

Not entirely, they hold them back on. You could saw the horizontal bits off though if you wanted to, they are there to support the back of the chair, and you need it to keep the chair reliable. The armrests are attached to the seat and the back of the chair, they hold it all together.

In some of the workstation & executive chairs, the armrest can be removed.
And the chairs are also available without the armrests, if required by Buyers.

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16. Can Ergonomic office chair improve the health?

Ergonomic office chairs have a great impact on your health. Not only do these chairs reduce discomfort when you sit for an extended period, but also reduce symptoms and pain and weakness of the joints. Users can relax better, allowing them to focus on the job or project. Positive energy and clarity can be a real morale boost to the team of employees. Workers’ using the ergonomic office chairs also report on a better position working or spending time at office due to the healthy habits in which the ergonomic chair give them.

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17. Can I try the office chair before I buy it?

Yes, in case of bulk order, we give sample for approvals.

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18. Can the office chair handle the ergonomic problems when working in an office?

A good office chair allows the user to sit in a comfortable position. Using an ergonomic office chair a good thing to start, and it also gave a good out a good result in the expected benefits. It’s always important to sit on a right office chair.

Also, keep in mind that the office chair is one of the components that should be recognized in the design of the workstation. All office chair must have flexibility and good functionality.

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19. If I have an office chair problem, what do I do?

Find the sticker at the bottom of the office chair, which contains all the information you need to contact the warranty service or you can contact us.

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20. Where is the office chairs made from and from which material?

All of our office chairs are designed & made in Mumbai (for supply to western region) with finest prime-grade raw materials sourced from all over India. The final chairs are inspected before packing & then it is dispatched.

We also have a branch facility in Delhi to manufacture office chairs (which are supplied to Northern & adjoining regions).

You can visit for more available office chair and their origins.