Director Chairs

Director chair? Sounds to you like a direct ticket to the board rooms? Not really. But, this chair, which is know for its classic design is still one of the most loved chair today.

So, you are silently asking if you can get one and experience that’ classic design” for yourself, you are on the right place. So, what are its plus points? Okay, some  director chairs seats are usually made up of canvas or other fabric which can bear a users full weight. Besides, the frames,  usually made up of wood, plastic or light-weight metals means the chair is less bulky yet serves it basics purpose: giving you  that “I” m just chilling here’ awesomeness.

Why buy your director chair from ChairSuggest?

We have designed our director chairs to give the users maximum support. Besides our design is such that it helps the user to distribute the weight  so that the seat is comfortably taught, giving them the comfort they need while ensuring that it can last for long time. Besides, you can easily change the look of the chair to match your seasonal style, trade show color scheme, or simply freshen up damaged canvas.

Plus, you we give you a variety of choices to make. So far, our director chairs are available in standard, single panel style. If you need a custom color or fabric style, you, let us know. Our in-house sewing department can make a customized-for-you, director chairs that will serve your every need.

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