Specification Material Used
Revolving Chair: Yes
Material: Seat Ply
Back Material: Metal Frame with netted mesh fabric
Head Rest Material: NA
Arm Rest Material: Nylon Handle
Seating Material: PU Moulded & fabric
Castor Material: Nylon.
Tilt Back: Push Back
Color: As per your choice.
Stand: Metal Black stand
Hydraulic: Class 3 type for seat height adjustment.


Ergonomic Mesh office chair manufacturers Mumbai

By capitalizing on the skills of our expert’s product, we offer the assured range of quality office chairs. Ergonomic Mesh office chair we offer is a widely available product with its availability in different many sizes and specifications. The products offered are available in various applications form.
Approved quality

Chair suggest manufacture is a well-recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of an office chair in Mumbai, India. This company has created to design office chair in many forms. Many of the products we manufacture and supply in the Mumbai and every part of the world, it is an ergonomic mesh chair of high quality and them also very durable.

One of the most important things that make our Ergonomic Mash chairs product greater is the sustainable production of high-quality raw materials used in production period.

Ergonomic Mesh office chair manufacturers Mumbai

Our Ergonomic Mesh chairs are produced with different attractive colors, and the high backs offer users one of the most enjoyable sit. Ergonomic chairs are used both in offices as an ergonomic mesh office chair and people who use the computer as ergonomic mesh chairs for the computer. To reach us on our products or if you want to know more about our product, you can contact us at www.chairsuggest.com.

Ergonomic Mesh office chair manufacturers Mumbai

Key Benefits:Ergonomic Mesh office chair manufacturers Mumbai
# Provides comfortable seating for long hours
# Provide Ventilation which enables airflow along the user’s back
# They are extremely stylish and have a modern look
# Light in weight which makes them easy to move around
# Ergonomically-designed as per safety of human body
# Support natural movements & strengthen back muscles
# Proper Back & Lumbar Support
# The Chair is Highly Durable
# Warranty/Guarantee provided for Ergonomic Mesh office chair manufacturers Mumbai
# PU Moulded Seat
# After-Sales-Service is available within & after warranty / guarantee period
# Excellent Quality & consistency maintained
# Competitive pricing
# Supply all over India in good strong transport-worthy packaging
# Dynamic Logistics & Ontime Deliveries
# 360 degree Revolving chairs
# Suitable for Staffs, Workstation, Conferences etc
Medium back chair in this model also available, which is used for Staffs, Workstations, Conferences, etc

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Guarantee for Ergonomic Mesh office chair manufacturers Mumbai

# Carries a 1 year warranty/guarantee. But the Chair last for long number of years.
# Fabric or leather or net material, mechanism will be replaced with an additional charges on actual.


# 3 to 5 working days from the date of Order.
# Delivery for Bulk order will be decided after the order is received. Chair Suggest is best known for its service & immediate delivery of product.

Quality Assurance

Being a quality conscious organization, Providing quality assured products has been the key factor for our established business. We maintain strict quality discipline at every stage of the production process to ensure flawless production of Office Chairs, Sofas & Furniture. Quality is the integral part of our organization that has enable us to be different from competitors in the field of office chairs, sofas & furniture. Read more…

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