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Specification Material Used
Revolving Chair: Yes
Material: Hot Pressed Hard Plywood, Double ply.
Back Material: High density cushion, fibre, supersoft & composite leatherette.
Head Rest Material: NA
Arm Rest Material: Metal silver handle with Cushion padded.
Seating Material: High density cushion, hitlon, fibre, supersoft & composite leatherette.
Castor Material: Nylon.
Tilt Back: Any position lock Tilting Mechanism.
Color: As per your choice.
Stand: Chrome coated metal stand.
Hydraulic: Class 3 type for seat height adjustment.


Buy executive office chairs online Mumbai

Presidents of senior executives, leading manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai and across India, chairsuggest.com founded in Mumbai.
We manufacture executive office chairs in traditional and new modern trends. Lasting Sustainable choice of quality chairs after strict testing and therefore our chairs are very durable and lasting products, apart from these wheels used in these chairs, you will find a high quality and robust design that helps in chair routing.

We make these executive office chairs so durable in a way that the user sitting at the same time can lift and stretch to their size. Personalization is a fundamental element of our office headquarters so that every customer can meet their needs and requirements efficiently and more with our products. We can provide executive chairs to our clients all over the world and in all the necessary time. For this purpose, first-class marine facilities are available 24 hours a day.

The president suggests that this is a world-class online website, an exclusive range of modular office chairs of all India-Top MNC segments, giants, government organizations, banks and financial institutions, educational institutions, hotels, and hospitals, etc.

Office chairs online stores mumbai

The executive office chair is ergonomically designed to come with a thorough understanding of the principles of ergonomics, aesthetics, functional value and endurance. So, if you want to buy an executive chair for your offices in Mumbai or all over India, chair suggest the best. Contact us at www.chairsuggest.com, for immediately as we offer the best quality and fast delivery at a very reasonable price

Buy executive office chairs online Mumbai

Key Benefits:Buy executive office chairs online Mumbai
# Stylish Executive High Back Chairs with Head Rest for President, Chairman, Directors, Department Head, Managers, Team Leaders.
# Very Ergonomically-designed Chairs as per safety of human body.
# Support natural movements & strengthen back muscles.
# Proper Lumbar & Back support.
# Gives comfortable seating all the long hours.
# 360 degree Revolving chairs.
# Made as per safety of human body.
# Highly Durable.
# Warranty/Guarantee provided for Buy executive office chairs online Mumbai
# After-Sales-Service is available within & after warranty/guarantee period.
# Excellent Quality & consistency maintained.
# Competitive pricing.
# Supply all over India in good strong transport-worthy packaging.
# Dynamic Logistics & Ontime Deliveries.
# 360 degree Revolving chairs.

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Guarantee for Buy executive office chairs online Mumbai

# Carries a 1 year warranty/guarantee. But the Chair last for long number of years.
# Fabric or leather or net material, mechanism will be replaced with an additional charges on actual.


# 3 to 5 working days from the date of Order.
# Delivery for Bulk order will be decided after the order is received. Chair Suggest is best known for its service & immediate delivery of product.

Quality Assurance

Being a quality conscious organization, Providing quality assured products has been the key factor for our established business. We maintain strict quality discipline at every stage of the production process to ensure flawless production of Office Chairs, Sofas & Furniture. Quality is the integral part of our organization that has enable us to be different from competitors in the field of office chairs, sofas & furniture. Read more…

How to Order

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